Wednesday, May 18, 2011

A Photo Oops?

Writer's Thoughts,
I saw it and I had to laugh...It was a Friday project that went into Saturday. Saturday is one of those days when you may rush a project to get to what the day is most known for, relaxing. I was building my animated downtown piece by piece. Sign by sign. Car by car.

When I finished, my tired eyes saw nothing amiss. Actually, it was probably a snack attack, that sugar-rush that rushed me to end my session. Come Monday, I took a look at the photo of my downtown scene and to my amazement there was a streetlight or pole in the middle of the car hood. They were the same texture and color which added to the difficulty in perception.

Someone had to take the blame....Whoever was driving that animated car should have been more cautious.

Everything is okay. I'm learning to go a little easier on myself...I wasn't the driver. Or, was I? Besides that, from time to time, I get that "I'm human" reminder. It's a good check. Although, not always easy.

In the downtown scene of my previous post there are some puns in the theater signage. You know the saying is "All's well that ends?"...Well, anyway, this is no ordinary city and funny things do happen. When it comes to names, they're either on my heart or in my head, subconscious, random.

 I have corrected the car-streetlight in the picture below. The scene on the left is also part of the story and in the video I will be showing. I have a few titles for the 'downtown' story. Still deciding....