Saturday, March 10, 2012

Characters Like Us

In comic literature and film there is no shortage of male characters with extraordinary strengths and special powers.

Superheros, of course.
However, when it comes to women, they are a rare find in such roles. So rare, one may struggle to name even five. Let's see: Wonder Woman, Catwoman...That's where I go blank. I don't think Betty Boop fits into this category.

What's the problem? And, how and why are comics such a male-dominated art form? Could it be, simply because of so few female characters for women to relate to? Is this pop quiz Saturday?

Along with my fascination with animation, I am also 'drawn' to the comic-style art form both still and moving. Yes, I know, "Welcome to Geekdom." The process has presented some challenges.

With the struggles women face with body image, and...face, creating characters that tone down the notion that outer beauty is the most important thing takes center stage. Beauty is more than what meets the eye, and is still "in the eye of the beholder."

I want to create characters that seem real and yet, it's a funny thing sometimes, trying to create realistic beings in a made up world.

The keyword is: variety with verity.