Saturday, September 29, 2012

Breaking The Glass Daisy

I can't say when my fascination with reflections, or things that shine began. I do however remember being awed by the effects after a rain. It was as if tiny pieces of the sky were laying on the ground. When the wind would blow, the reflections cast would dance. Motion and light, such as seen in the piece I created above.

One of my biggest art influences in the area of 'reflective art' is Richard Estes. His work is absolutely amazing. I thought I knew quite extensively the work of the artists of the past, but recently discovered another realist I had never heard of.

Her name is Audrey Flack. A woman. I want to learn more about her.

This discovery made me realize how so many talented female artists did not receive the accolades of their male counterparts in the same field. Other than Mary Cassat and Georgia O'keefe, it's hard to mention a woman artist by name.

What's up with that? Lifting a paintbrush doesn't require any muscle. And painting daisies and waterlilies, was it exclusively a 'guy thing' back in the days of Monet and Van Gogh?

No, this is not a new interest of mine. I have written about this topic before. Only now, it's developing into a more intense focus. It's wanting to know why and where are the missing links to our creative history, not only in fine arts, but other media also. This exploration is not to fragment, but to bring together a more complete picture of us, together.