Friday, May 27, 2011

Character Shuffle: Czardas

Artist's Thoughts,
I have created a number of characters. In this imaginary world it's quite easy to take characters from one story and blend them into a new one. I call it "the character shuffle."

With the video I posted last week, there's already 'talk' of a character shuffle. My crash-landing character from the video, most likely, will be replaced by another that I feel is more suited for the role. How do I know their roles? Animated character chemistry? Okay. Let's go with that. The character being replaced will happily return to the revised "The Heart Of Czardas."

"The Heart Of Czardas" has revamped cinematic visuals, additional characters, and more action. I've given extra attention to the overall look and feel of Czardas. I'm also taking a closer artistic look at the other animated stories. In this story, Czardas is the name of a city.

A few thoughts on the video I posted last week. I had the most difficult time coming up with a title for this story. Is it paradise or paradox? The town the character lands in is a mixture of both.

In film, we look for the most interesting way to open a story. It's amazing all the things that can come to mind. Night. A diner. Will she binge on pancakes?

I'm giving more thought to titles, names, and scenes. I know there are some writer/artists who prefer an emotionally distant approach to their work. Although, some things do happen without an awareness, I aim to write from the heart.

Hope to share some clips from Czardas with you. Thanks for hanging out with me today.