Saturday, May 14, 2011


Writer's Thoughts,
First off, I mentioned in my last blog a word that I got stuck on for a project title. That word was "neon." I have a story that is in a Times Square-like setting. Currently titled "Team Neon." At times, we may use a temporary title for a story.

 This story has a downtown vibe...If you live in the country, taking a trip downtown can be a major adventure. Such was the case, back in the day. I wrote before that I have a fascination with some very stylish metros. What's my attraction? You guessed it: The designs, colors, movement and energy.

This story will be on the DVD project, which is going really well. Once again, it's a fictional city. I love creating animated scenes. Building this city has sparked my interest in the origins of a lot of things we take for granted, or have just become immune to because they are such a part of our everyday lives. Okay, who came up with the parking meter?

Here's a scene of my animated city.