Thursday, May 5, 2011

New Animations...

Writer's Thoughts,
First of all, I would like to say, "Happy Cinco De Mayo!..." I have been hard at work all week with new designs and animations. When I converted my blog last October to being more animation and music focused, I learned a lot along the way. Let's just say, I felt a few hard lessons. But that's journey, isn't it?

I am very excited, despite the longest, most rainy April, I can remember. I kid you not, I barely remember a sunny day. I think, it affected me, in some ways. Sunlight and art. They go good together.

Here's some things I'm pondering...
Naming characters...So far, my approach has been really random in naming. Art, being non-verbal, makes it a bit more challenging. But I think, if I give it more thought, I can match the names with more meaning. Does it matter? I think so, because memorable names really stick with you. I like the names of most of the characters I've created. However, with a few, maybe going alphabet soup style is not the best way.

Character Fashions...Yes, you see lots of black. Here's why. Depending on how complex the background is, results in my choosing a color that makes my character stand out. A simplistic approach. Now that I'm going with color schemes, this will help me to keep my animated character from getting lost. Also, it's cool for secret agent types. RetroVision being retro, only tinted, made contrasts necessary.

Artists...This is an odd pondering, huh? Actually, I'm re-reading some of my favorite books by Betty Edwards. A wonderful writer who gives a clearer insight on the artistic thought process. Why would this matter to me as artist? Well, her writings remind me that.. I'm not crazy after all.

Math and Science...Math and Science are artists friends. The artist envisions the bridge and Math and Science build it. One is not more important than another...This came up as I was reading more about artists. Sounds strange.

I'm still in the design mode, creating new graphics, and composing new songs. I will write more about the new animations soon.