Monday, December 19, 2011

Blendigo: Year In Pictures

I started 2011 fresh off the contrails of Retrovision's To Dance On Air and the motion of Dancetown. The themes of dance were and continue to be my artistic interest. Like life, not standing still.

I took a moment in the approach to 2012 to think about all the images that I created for the project scenes. I pondered the characters and presentation. A world created without the confines of reality, constantly reminding myself that these are pixels who look like people. A digital world of escape, A world that does not have to be as it is, but as I wish.

That's animation.

2011 saw new discoveries in digital painting. Fresh uses for creating art with text. A faster way to create 3D worlds. Also, my latest love, the traditional comic book look that I hope to present in the incoming year.

New challenges in my world of real and what seems unreal.

The story of Candle Dance became more in focus until it's become so clear it plays like a theater screen in my head. I hope to capture it to the smallest of details.

Discovering the difference between writer's block and writer's brakes. That is wanting to write about something, but not quite willing to and blaming it on lack of focus. Not planning on that route in 2012.

Mistakes. Yes.

Greater depth and determination. Yes!

The above images that I created span the year of 2010 and 2011. I wanted to include more, but I will have to present them in another format.
A special thanks to all of you who inspire me. I wish I could put into words what your support means to me. Thanks so much.

Here's to an exciting 2012!