Saturday, June 21, 2014

Making A Scene

This is a short update on how my animations, and now comic, are coming along. I am happy that progress is being made on both, as I am working on them at the same time. It's quite a process, but with each idea that makes it, and those that fail, there is forward progress.

It is fascinating to think that when animators/artists create scenes, many times they are from nothing that exists, except only in the imagination. Or, a view of a skyline, or landscape and in some cases, a classic microphone and instruments, which is how I envisioned the picture above.

It took quite some time to arrange and design all the elements, but I was pleased with the outcome. As for my comic, as soon as I get to know the characters better, I'll get back with you...

So for now, I'm happy to report, I am still making a scene.