Tuesday, November 19, 2013

The Sky's The Limit...

How will they get around? That was the question I had to answer when I realized the characters in my animation/comic needed a mode of transportation. 

Flying cars are not a new concept in imagination or in attempts at actual production. And, wow what a way travel! Lifting loftily above normal traffic, getting home in time to catch the opening credits of your favorite show. 

Definitely, it's the stuff dreams are made of. That and space age plastic, for sure.

I had fun creating the above design, and yes, I am a fan of classic cars.

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Team Spirit

Do you ever watch a movie to the rolling credits?  I find, if a film is just that good, I do. There's something to be said of a group of people who worked together, through opposing opinions, deep disagreements, and teeth-biting tension to get it done. When you see all the names of those who made it happen, you know it took team spirit.

Some projects are small enough for one person to handle, and others take more.

One person can create a short animation.
But it might take more to create a feature length animated film.

One person might be adept in many areas, but prefer to stick with their strengths, and delegate other areas to others. I've never seen a quarterback throw the football, catch it, and run for a touchdown, not on every play, perhaps on a fumble.

Fumbles aside. Teamwork can be a cool thing. I enjoy creating short animated videos, comics, and diving in to all the aspects of it, but I also would like to have a group of people, even beyond artistic, to complete longer films, and graphic novels.

It will be my honor to say. "Blendigo would like to thank (your name here) for making this (film, book, comic...) possible.

Go Team.

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

The Missing Peace

I write a lot about the creative process. Many artists of various disciplines may agree that the finished song, painting, film, etc, begins quite randomly.

For me, it may be a jolt of inspiration that leads to a flurry of ideas, a brainstorm of thoughts and visions. It's the most wonderful time of the year. There's nothing but joy all around, and then some.
The sun rises the next 'day' to find me sitting in a corner, staring at the confetti of all I imagined.

My first words of bliss..."What the heck is all this?"

After "wonderful random" comes making sense of it all. I've learned from other creatives this can be the most challenging time. This is where good ideas can get tossed out with the not-so-good ideas, simply because the volume of the inner critic is rattling the speakers, sending shockwaves of fear and doubt where creative freedom should be. The freedom to miss perfection, and celebrate bravery.

Today, I've found the missing peace: connection to others. Instead of bouncing ideas off my head and shouting "Brilliant!" (which most of the time, I never say). The artistic life is not meant to be one of isolation when art is heart to heart communication.

Along with the missing peace, also "let it be," it is what it is.

That's the art of living, too.

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Short Update...Animating Still...

Hi Everyone!
I've created lots of animated stills from...my animations. I hope to get the story together soon. This has been the hardest part.