Thursday, March 3, 2011

There Will Be Food...

Writer's Thoughts,
 As you can see, I use a lot of graphics in my work. In this short animated film project "The Island On Ocean Ave," I just wanted to let you know...there will be food. Since this clip takes place in very social environments, around people...there will be food. It would be very strange for there not to be. Right?

When I designed some of the scenes, I had to create signs, ads, and commercials with food themes. At the time that I'm creating all this imagery, I'm also reading about Pop Art. Ironic, for sure. I'm familiar with the mode of Pop Art, but as one who doesn't cleave to definitions, artistically speaking, I never realized how much I love the style. Described as a mode of art that derives its influence from mass media, comics, movies, etc. My interests.

Andy Warhol, of course, is the first name that comes to mind when Pop Art is mentioned.  However, it is not uncommon for artists to have 'overlapping' styles. Because even the avant-garde moment that came before, affected Pop Art. So, you can see how styles past influence styles present.

I had to think in terms of colors that 'speak' food. In this scene of the smoothie shop "Smooth E's," I feel these colors convey strawberry, orange, banana, and cherry. Because they are the colors of strawberry, orange, banana and cherry...Actually, creating the 'ad' was most of the challenge and the layout of the shop.

Art is creating something out of nothing. There are times when a blank page can be so intimidating. One scene can have a myriad of tiny things that need to be created. Which is why three minutes of animated footage could have taken forty hours to create. Sometimes longer. (Depending on the number of people in the process).

I love to read and rediscover things I thought I knew. Rediscovering the nuances of Pop Art, and other expressions makes me feel like a kid in a candy store...I mean, a kid in a carrot store...Like I said, there will be food.