Saturday, March 19, 2011

Animated Still From "Czardas"

Writer's Thoughts,
I wanted to share this animated still from "The Heart Of Czardas" with you. This is my action-adventure story. This story has been "rolling around in my head" for quite some time. It went through some rewriting. I've finally captured a good amount of imagery during the drawing board process. I really enjoy graphic novels and "Czardas" has that look and feel.

'Image-catching,' as I call it, is the reason why I work on multiple music and animation projects. There are days when the imagery for one project is flowing like a river. I like to go with the flow because it means my heart will be there and ideas don't have to be 'forced.' That's an artist's sweet spot. Key phrase: In the zone.

I've also noticed, I have more of a leaning toward projects that have some sort of color scheme. Perhaps, because color sets the mood and tone of many visual stories. I think of many movies that have such a wonderful thematic color.

You might notice the same character from "Island." Actually, "Island" serves as a back-story to "Czardas."

I hope you like the animated still I wanted to share with you.