Monday, April 11, 2011

New Things For Spring

Writer's Thoughts,
Every season brings it's own particular list of things to do, it seems. The trademark of the start of the spring season is that wonderful time known as "spring cleaning." Well, maybe "wonderful" is a bit over the top.

This spring, my focus will be on animated music videos in a storytelling format. This will free me to concentrate more on the writing phase of the projects that I have started. Such as, "Candle Dance," among others. These are longer, more involved animated stories that are beyond my range to complete myself. If only I could be "Limitless!" Of course, my biggest love is creating pixeltunes.

I took another look at the "Herocity Beat" project and it's possible that I may take it the route of "To Dance On Air." Meaning, the characters may be in color. It's about striking a balance between the characters and their backgrounds. For example, in "To Dance On Air" I use more blue. The reason is, so the figures stand out. Looking forward to sharing more of these stories with you.

Thanks everyone!