Thursday, April 21, 2011

Blog Redesign

Writer's Thoughts,
As part of the spring thing, I've been designing some new graphics for my blog. It started out quite simple, just redoing the top mast, or header. I landed somewhere between fun and sophisticated. These two words are usually mutually exclusive.  I mean, have you ever tried to have fun in a sophisticated way? Shout, quietly?  Make a mad dash, with style? Kinda tough. With my method of redesigning, one turn led to another. Out of the eight or so new headers, I have in mind...another. One idea was a ship for friends. A friend-ship. Get  it?

You'll be happy to know, progress is being made...I have new RetroVision "To Dance On Air" animated stills coming up.

I also wanted to show a scene from Czardas that I did not include in the previous video. If you saw the video, you may recall the trio of strange aircraft flying above the city. It was the aircraft that caused the character to fall off her flying board. When showing clips of a story, deciding which parts to edit in or out can make a huge difference in understanding the scene.

I'll get back to the projects, and get back with you all shortly.