Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Humor Me

Some wear masks. Some wear capes. A few in metal and a few in spandex? It appears that tights are more than less the norm.

Superhero outfits.

As I pondered what to adorn my characters in, I became a character in the story as the one who would have to design the attire of these super men and women. Because I could not imagine a being with the ability to fly, or bore holes into walls with laser-beam eyes, sitting at a sewing machine trying to create something to wear.

Yes, they need a "what to wear" specialist.

If you've seen Pixar's The Incredibles, you might recall the scene of the character, whom I think might have been based on the legendary designer Edith Head, designing their superhero outfits. It dawned on me. A superhero could not possibly have the time to maintain their wardrobe, and/or equipment for saving the world. They must have a team.

I created the above scene to illustrate my line of thought.

Like us, I'm sure a superhero would appreciate a sale.