Friday, September 16, 2011

The Landing

Artist's Thoughts,
Greetings everyone. Now that sounds like a salutation from another world. And, so I am. Because keeping up with you is very important to me, I wanted to share a few new developments with you....

First of all, the vision is alive and well, despite some foggy moments. In my new location, for the moment, I have to rebuild, or better stated, upgrade the things that have seen their day. It is a challenge, but I am enthusiastic about all the possibilities. The wrestling match I had with myself over the summer is over. I told myself to sit down and let me write the stories I really feel in my heart. I call them stories I've been too afraid tell. Okay. I'll have to leave it at that. For the moment. Some have more of a graphic novel look. I see an "art mash"

Most everyone I know loves, or likes there hometown. There may be a few exceptions. I keep mine in my heart and will not forget it. There is something that I noticed about being in a new place. The sky is always the same. Although, the landscape is unfamiliar, when I look up, I feel connected to where I am and where I've been. Then, the people seem like where you're from in a positive way. Allow me to get  'corny' and say, though it's true, a smile is universal.

I'll keep you posted on this wild new journey. You are my inspiration.