Friday, January 21, 2011

Retrovision: Method Or Madness?

Writer's Thoughts,
Speaking of my RetroVision Stories. Why retro? Why now? Is there such a thing as peddling backward for forward momentum? I believe, yes. (I see blank stares and hear the sound of crickets). Let me explain the method or the madness.

It all began when I saw some characters in my mind's eye after waxing nostalgic over some classic black and white photos. This sounds strange, but I felt like I knew these characters...How do I silence the crickets? I began to wonder who these people were living in an era gone by? In retrospect, I had a RetroVision.  It's been said, every creative endeavor begins with a question.  If the question is intriguing enough, a passionate pursuit will follow. So, you see, we don't start with the answers. We chase them down with a good question.

Because these characters came to me from the past, I wanted the colors to convey that. However, there's a twist that weaves the story to the present. I think, this came about because of my constant sliding into full-on color. In other words, I just had to have the doughnut. The color wheel in all of it's splendor. I could have colorized the retro scenes more intensely, like the method in many black and white classics. Hint. I have some tint.

Here's what I know so far. It's a relationship story. The main characters are what I call "realist-romantics." Meaning, they don't deny the reality of their situation, but at the same time, they don't accept it as final. They wonder about a world beyond them and take steps to get there. Against this backdrop is the constant threat of war, fears, and families that don't understand. It sounds dark, but It's got a lot of light moments. This can be attributed to my 'Rockwell-ian' bent.

Please enjoy the animated still I created above. The animated video clip, I apologize, for this week, got hung up on a complex scene, in technical terms. I hope to have that worked out soon. If this is madness, gotta love the method. The creative journey. Your space is reserved. Thanks for being in my swirl today.