Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Writer's Thoughts: When Men Cry

I wrote before about my desire to encourage more women to get into the arena of animated film. I cannot state that enough. Stories are going untold. Perspectives are going 'un-perspected.'

When the idea of Peppermint Village came to me, I knew it was in line with my passion of oneness, cultures appreciating each other. Also, about how women feel and react to the world around them. In writing, we add our emotions and 'wishes' to our lines of thought. For example, how often do men show emotion? In my previous film clip, Kendall Blair is caught up with emotion. His moment of toughness gives way to the 'reality' of his losing someone he cares about.

How would this scene have been written from a guy's perspective? Perhaps, Kendall Blair would have stormed into Dino Vintalli's office and punched him in the face. Surely, Kendall wanted to do that. But I've seen times when a strong man broke down. It happens, but usually behind closed doors. Notice that Kendall is behind closed doors, and thinks no one is watching....But we see him. We learn that men can be tender-hearted, and that does not make them wimps. I've seen my father's tears and I can't explain why that was such a moving thing....God cried for us....