Monday, March 1, 2010

Writer's Thoughts: Character Relationships

What I love about doing a village story is the opportunity to take the snipets of conversations between people in relationships and put them in animation.

One of my favorite relationship stories in To Chase The Heart is that between Kendall Blair and Maybelle Wright. In Maybelle's eyes, she's quite fond of Kendall and often speaks to him like her son, Bobby...Kendall comes by to fill in for Bobby, who helps Maybelle run the Jazz On Cue.

Maybelle, being 'wise' is often guided into 'today's way of thinking' by the progressive Kendall Blair, proving that both young and old can learn from each other. Maybelle plays a vital role as a main character. So often, the aged are rarely placed in important roles.

Which is why I want to encourage new voices to enter animation, especially women. New voices mean new characters and stories that rarely get told. More on character relationships-Writer's Thoughts