Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Writers Thoughts:Naming Characters

"Naming characters can be a lot of fun. Sometimes the names literally describe a character, but that's sort of rare in character naming these days, as it can give away too much information about the character. And, if, for example, a character with a 'bad name' like, 'Imma Roach,' goes through a transformation into a nicer character in the story, their name no longer fits.

In naming my characters, I went for an inner feel, a name that just fit the personality. I did take artistic license in the naming of Maybelle Wright. Taking into consideration she is a character with wisdom of years, I liked the sound of her name. Granted, through Maybelle's eyes, because of her experiences, she does feel like she's always right.

I think back to my grandmother and even when I disagreed with her, because, yes, she was wrong at times, I did not openly, say, in her face, that she was wrong. I bit my tongue and let her THINK that she was right. Even in walking away, I knew, do not mumble-cuz she could hear. Real good. "Don't you back talk me."

Sometimes characters have ways that remind a writer of someone. That's cool, too. Because it does help to bring more heart to the story. However, I do refrain from taking too many liberties with making characters out of people I know. Sometimes I create a character and later say, "Wow. They remind of..." Thats cool, too."-Writer's Thoughts