Thursday, February 4, 2010

Inspiration: "To Chase The Heart"

So many things can be a combined inspiration for our work. With "To Chase The Heart," the first story in my Peppermint Village series, there were several sparks that led me to write this story.

First of all, my interest in music. I think all filmmakers start with a sort of familiarity. Something that is deeply engrained. So, music was key to build a story around. Secondly, my passion for things multicultural. I could not imagine creating a 'world' and not have it blended to reflect how I live, and what I believe.

Which brings the main thrust of the story, as it relates to one of the main characters, Donovan Dane, the classical piano player, who falls into this identity crisis after he meets Parker Vintalli of the band called Xkon, who, with his popularity, causes a joke to be made of "playing classical music." Donovan recalls a time in his life when he was excluded from the 'cool kids.'


Donovan thinks quitting and joining Xkon will make him 'cool again.' He even begins to play basketball, although sports is not his thing.

My premise is that, we are all chasing something. In my next blog, I will examine the relationship between Donovan Dane and his music teacher, Kendall Blair.