Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Fall Color Soup

Writer's Thoughts
It's fairly easy to see, I like color. Perhaps, it is because of the vibrant colors of the fall season. Everything is bursting with gold, red, and orange. There's intense color, and there is muted color. The more intense, the more energetic. The more muted, the more laid back, or classic.

Animating lately has brought out the 'intense color mode.' Although, I have been studying muted tones for a classic-look project. I tone-up. Tone down. A lot like my exercise routine.

Stories continue to unfold. Like a hearty fall soup, I launch them after the flavors/characters have had opportunity to meld. I am stirring the pot, or plot. And, cooks, and/or writer's love a good soup/story. Wouldn't you agree?