Sunday, June 20, 2010

A Story With A Twist

A few weeks ago, I began the work on the next storyboard for a film to develop. Wanting a wide range of stories, ranging from simple, silly, and serious, I did a sketch of a 'serious' story inspired by some events in my life.

Keep in mind. There is a difference. "Based on a true story," means, verbatim, this is what happened. "Inspired by," means the story is inspired by some true events, but made into a movie. My sketch, "The Diary Of A Preacher's Kid," takes the jist of my early teen years and my experience living with a preacher and his wife, for a short time, before being reconciled with my parents.

It's also a story where grief is shown as normal, but the reactions to it need to be closely monitored to make sure the way back to the 'real normal' is clear. I grieve the loss of my sister. Will she be found? Or, was she found? Ahh.....

Like many writers, we occasionaly delve into our personal lives. It's sort of a way of saying, as I reveal the lives of characters with ease, I can include myself, too, as keeping it real on the homefront.

Needless to say, as I show, I had some issues with anger, that led to a rebellious 'can't-tell-me-nothing' attitude. Thinking having some 'near-death' experiences to teach me, it was rather something quite simple that saved my life. So, the story has an unexpected twist.

My future animation/creative team will have their hands full with projects. Yeah, my sleeves will be rolled high, too.